Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Iron Fey Contest Winners

We loved each and every one of your entries, and we're super pleased that we got excerpts not just about Ash and Puck, but also Mab, Razor, Glitch, the lieutenant and more.

Our personal favourite has to be:
"My name is Ashallyn'darkmyr Tallyn, third son of the Unseelie Court...Let it be known--from this day forth, I vow to protect Meghan Chase, daughter of the Summer King, with my sword, my honor, and my life. Her desires are mine. Her wishes are mine. Should even the world stand against her, my blade will be at her side. And should it fail to protect her, let my own existence be forfeit. This I swear, on my honor, my True Name, and my life. From this day on..." His voice went even softer, but I still heard it as though he whispered it into my ear. "I am yours."

Only five can be chosen, so the winners in no particular order:

Ellen Elizabeth
Hi! Ok, so it took me a while to think about this and I think I have it, so here it goes. The scene that I think best embodies a character, specifically Ash, is in The Iron Daughter. It's the scene where Meghan accidentally slips out saying she loves Ash when Rowan was right there as well. And Ash becomes this hard cold shell of a person saying how he doesn't care about her and why would he affiliate himself with a half-breed. I think this scene really embodies who Ash really is. Even though on the outside, he can be a big jerk, but we all know on the inside, how caring he really is towards Meghan and Meghan just wasn't prepared on how cold Ash really can be. Ash will do anything to protect Meghan, even if it means breaking her heart, when he really isn't breaking it.

"Ash!" I called. "What are you doing? Come on!"
"Meghan." Ash's voice, despite the pain below the surface, was calm. "I hope you find your brother. If you see Puck again, tell him I regret having to step out of our duel."
"Ash,no! Don't do this!"
I felt him smile. "You made me feel alive again," he murmured.
Screeching, the gremlins attacked.

I loved this part, Ash was so nice and, well, I can't describe it. I cried a lot during this part. It was just so sweet.

"Enough!" Mab screeched whirling on me. "Half-breed you go too far! Your line has already robbed me of a son, and you will not touch another! I know you seek to turn my youngest against me with your blasphemous claims of love and I will not have it!"

I absolutely adored Razor he was so cute and the things he said even though simple still managed to make me laugh :)

"Bad kitty!" he screeched, snarling and baring his fangs at Grimalkin, who yawned and turned away to groom his tail. "Evil, evil, sneaky kitty! Bite your head off in your sleep, I will! Hang you by your toes and set you on fire! Burn, Burn!" -Razor" (Iron Queen)

So I choose this quote which I think really embodies Puck. It is between Puck and Meghan in The Iron Daughter:

Puck rolled his eyes. Holding out his hand, he gave me an encouraging smile. "Come on, Princess. Don't want to get separated in here." I clasped his hand, and he curled his fingers tight around mine. "Let's go, then. Rusty can bring up the rear. That way, if we're jumped from behind, we won't lose anything important."

Congratulations to all the winners! Please send us an email with your name, mailing address and country within two days. The rest of you, don't worry! We hope to have more contests coming up soon.

Ashallyn'darkmyr Tallyn. Say that ten times fast. And... go!

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