Luke Stepfather to Meghan, father to Ethan
Meghan's mother -
Meghan Sixteen year old girl who finds out that she's a faery princess at the start of the series, born to a human mother and Oberon, Summer king and ruler of the Seelie court.
Ethan Meghan's four year old brother at the start of the series, son to Luke and Meghan's mother.
Floppy Ethan's stuffed toy.
Beau The Chase family dog, a German shephard.
Changeling Took Ethan's place.

Robbie Goodfell Meghan's best friend and closest neighbour. Also known as Puck or Robin Goodfellow.
Scott Waldron Football team captain
Angie Whitmond Cheerleading squad member
Dan Ottoman "a blond, pimply clarinet player from band"
The school nurse -
Norrgen "a blond, pimply clarinet player from band"
Shard Trod guard. Blue Chaos owner.
Grumly Last defense of the trod in Blue Chaos.
Anna Oracle that lives in the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.

Puck Also known as Robin Goodfellow. Used to be best friends with Ash, Winter prince. Was assigned to take care of Meghan in the human world under the guise of Robbie Goodfell.
Oberon Summer king. Husband to Titania, Summer queen. Meghan's father. Tall and slender, waist length hair, eyes like green ice
Titania Summer queen. Wife to Oberon.
Trolls Ten feet tall, blue skinned with tusks. Yellow eyes, heavy brows, ropey black hair. Bulging muscles.
Elven knights "Tall and elegant, with sharp features." Hair in ponytails. "They wore silver mail that flashed in the moonlight, and carried long, thin blades at their sides." Employed by Oberon. Glow in the dark. Ride on grey and silver mounts that don't touch the ground.
Satyrs .
Tansy A female satyr.
Sarah Skinflayer Kitchen mistress of Seelie court.
Lady Weaver Dressmaker, in charge of dressing Meghan in the Seelie court.

Ash Winter prince. Youngest son of Mab, Winter Queen. Used to be best friends with Puck. Was in love with Ariella. Meghan's love interest.
Rowan Winter prince. Second son of Mab, Winter Queen.
Sage Winter prince. Eldest son of Mab, Winter Queen.
Mab Winter queen.
Redcaps Look like goblins, but with fancy cloacks and red caps.
Narissa Snow faery.

Machina Iron king.
Tertius Iron king's general.
Ironhorse Machina's first lieutenant. A black iron horse.
Virus Machina's second lieutenant.
Iron dragon Iron court guard.
Packrats Iron fey that looks like giant hermit crabs due to the iron things they gather on themselves.
Iron knights Iron court guards.
Ferrum Old iron king.

Grimalkin Cat, at times helpful but always mysterious. Also known as Cait Sith.
Twiggs Twig-like creature that lives in a tree.
Wisps A shapeshifting creature that leads unsuspecting victims with its light.
Kelpies Horse-like underwater creature.
Greertig Part of a goblin group that captured Meghan in THE IRON KING.
Nixies Human-like creatures.
Chimeras Monster with three heads: lion, goat, dragon.
Elder Dryad Witchwood guardian.
Seedlit A piskie.
Wyverns Highly territorial, cousin to dragons.