The Faery Court is an unofficial fanclub for Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series. We are in no way affiliated to Julie Kagawa or Harlequin Teen. Opinions expressed here are our own and do not represent Julie's or Harlequin Teen's.

Here you'll find facts, glossaries and what-have-yous about the Iron Fey universe.

Once upon a time
On a playground in the deep South, a faery had a cookie. We ate that cookie. It was delicious. From that moment on we decided that we liked faeries, even if the first 'i' was replaced by an 'e'. We especially liked Julie's faeries, and the idea of iron everywhere corrupting the faery world.

"Genius!" we proclaimed.

We weren't the only ones who thought so. On 13th February 2011, Julie officially became a New York Times Bestselling author. And we thought, hey, what can we do to mark this special occasion? We thought, and we thought, and we thought some more. But nothing came to us.

A grey cat appeared on a branch high above us, looking bored and uninterested.

We were awed, and bowed immediately in the presence of greatness. "Welcome, kind sir!"

"Stop that," the cat said, and waved a paw dismissively. "I am a cat."

"Will you help us?" we pleaded.

"Foolish humans, I am here to make a cameo. I will give you a hint: the answer is within your reach." With those words, he vanished, a slight dent on the branch the only reminder that he had been there. And that too vanished.

The only things within our reach were our laptops and the Iron Fey books. Just then, the cookie from years before digested fully, and with a slight burp, the idea appeared in the mist in front of us.

For six days and six nights we reread the books, and on the seventh we started this website.

And that is how The Faery Court was created.