Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Iron Knight: Back Cover

Just when we were thought we were finally going to give good ole fresh air another try and stop gasping, we find out that Julie and the Harlequin Teen cover design team have come up with another surprise to leave us breathless.


Isn't this a call for Team Ash and Team Puck to get along, and buy that darned book once it comes out? We expect a bit of snarling over the last copy of TIKin stores, and a lot of dithering over how to place it with the other Iron Fey books. To put Ash and Puck face front on alternate days, with the remaining day set for the spine? Or buy two copies and place them side by side?

Oh, the dilemma! *shakes fist*

Personally, we might place TIKn with Ash facing us as this is Ash's story. And print a copy of Summer's Crossing, along with that gorgeous cover in a makeshift book format, and place it along with the Iron Fey books.

How are you going to solve this, dear reader?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Iron Knight


Did you tear your eyes away from the gorgeous prince that is Ash? Because we know we did. We doubt that Ash is a true Winter Prince.

How can someone so hot be the prince of an ice realm?


But nevertheless, there it is: The cover to The Iron Knight.

Soulless. Banished.
But never forgotten.

Feast your eyes. Once you're done, tell us: did the cover model match your vision of how Ash looks like?

Here's an event update from Julie's blog:
Harlequin TEEN and I want to invite everyone to a live online event on June 15th, where we'll reveal the back cover copy of Iron Knight, and answer your burning questions about the series. (But there will be no spoilers.) So mark your calendars for that, and I'll post details later!