Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Iron Knight


Did you tear your eyes away from the gorgeous prince that is Ash? Because we know we did. We doubt that Ash is a true Winter Prince.

How can someone so hot be the prince of an ice realm?


But nevertheless, there it is: The cover to The Iron Knight.

Soulless. Banished.
But never forgotten.

Feast your eyes. Once you're done, tell us: did the cover model match your vision of how Ash looks like?

Here's an event update from Julie's blog:
Harlequin TEEN and I want to invite everyone to a live online event on June 15th, where we'll reveal the back cover copy of Iron Knight, and answer your burning questions about the series. (But there will be no spoilers.) So mark your calendars for that, and I'll post details later!

4 comment(s):

Miranda Hatcher said...

I would have assumed his hair was longer. But nether the less *drools* XD

Madison Field said...

I thought he would've looked more... pale? More immortal. Darker and longer hair. The eyes are perfect, but I think he should've looked more immortal and untouchable, you know? I still love the cover!

xUNGERx said...

yes i thought it would, he would be paler, longer/darker hair but i guess its still i pretty awsome cover


Anonymous said...

the hair's the only thing, but the dude's good looking :D

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