Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We know. You've already divided yourself into Team Ash and Team Puck. And we've heard your cries. "What about Team Meghan and Team Grimalkin?"

No worries! Grab these buttons and show us where you stand.

Opposite of Mars: Cold on the outside, hot on the inside. Yow!

They say laughter's the best medicine. Who needs either when you have him?

She overcame both human and faery odds to become monarch of an unnatural land.

He is a cat. The cat. Cait Sith's the name. Need we elaborate?

The buttons on the left have transparent backgrounds so they'll easily incorporate into your blog/sidebar background.

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Ayanami Faerudo said...

Love 'em!

Anaiz said...

These buttons are awesome, nice to see Meghan and Grim represented :):)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

TEAM GRIM!CATS ARE AWESOME,HANDSDOWN! If their wasn't a team grim or a team meghan, I would be on team ash:D

Maegan Emily Athena Farrow said...

I feel really sorry for Puck, but if there was no team Meghan or Grimalkin, then ASH!!!! But since there is Meghan I choose her, cause my name is Maegan!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Team Meghan all the way!!!! She's overcome evil monarchs, lost love,and death to become the Iron Queen. While I am team Ash over Team Puck Meghan is my favorite.

Savannah said...

Sorry Puck! You know I love you! But I love Ash WAY more. So,Team Ash it is.

Anonymous said...

Ashhhhh x's like 100,000,000 he is soo hot and smexy

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